Friday, October 29, 2010

Yokes Coupon Guidelines

*Yokes does not have a written coupon policy "per say". Here are just a few basic guidelines. I heard that they accept competitor coupons and finally found a little more info on it!

1. Yokes will accept current Manufacturer coupons. They do not accept expired coupons.

2. Yokes will accept grocery store competitors coupons. The competitor must be a full service grocery store, with meat and produce departments, and must be a local competitor.
Example: If there is a Super Target and Yokes in the same community, Yokes will accept their coupons. If it is just a regular Target, Yokes will not accept their coupons.

3. Acceptable Competitor coupons must be for identical items.
Example: If you have an Albertsons coupon for Kraft cheese and Yokes stocks the identical item, they will accept the coupon. If you have a coupon for Albertsons cheese, Yokes will not accept the coupon.

4. Manufacturer Coupons and Competitor Coupons can be used together.

Some tips for making the check out processes quicker and smoother.

1. Let the cashier know before they start ringing up your order that you have competitors coupons.

2. When using competitors coupons, place the coupons with the item. The way that Yokes system deals with competitor coupons is as a store coupon or refund. They scan the item, but have to over-ride the Yokes programmed price on it by inputting the price on the coupon manually so if you hand them the coupon with the item they wont have to dig back through the bag to re-scan it, or scroll through the transaction to figure out how much to take off of the order and then re-enter it. This might not seem like a big deal, but its one thing that really irks the cashiers.

3. Same thing with the Albertsons Doublers, place both the doubler and the manufacturers coupon with the item. It helps the cashier to take the correct amount off and again, they wont have to dig around in the bag or scroll through the transaction to make sure they are taking the correct amount off. And they will if they have too because giving an "overage" messes up their cash to sales report and that makes the bookkeepers mad...which again, irks the cashiers.

Thanks to the Coupon Posse for this info!

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