How To Shop Your Store!

How to Shop Your Favorite Stores!

The best way to shop at Albertsons is to take advantage of their "Twice the Value" coupons. These "doublers" come in the Sunday Paper about once a month and can be used the Sunday to Tuesday after they come out.
What are Doublers?
Doublers are Albertsons store coupons that allow you to double the amount of a manufactured coupon that is valued at $1 or less.

Here is an example of how this would work:
Classico pasta sauce is on sale 2/$4.00.
-use $1.00/1 Classico pasta sauce coupon
-stack with Albertsons Twice the Value coupon
Final price: FREE

Albertsons also allows you to "stack" coupons. this means you can use an Albertsons store coupon with a manufacturer coupon.

Albertsons also participates in the Catalina program. Catalinas are little "coupons" that print from the printer next to the receipt printer. Sometimes these are coupons but most of the time they are OYNO (on your next order) money! 

Get and use an Albertsons card. Every purchase you make will earn points. Every time you earn 5000 points in one quarter, a $5.00 coupon to use on your next order will print at the bottom of your receipt!

Safeway also allows “stacking” of coupons. You can use a Safeway store coupon with a manufacturer coupon. 
You can load coupons onto your Safeway club card through their website ( We will usually wait 24 hours after loading coupons to redeem the coupons—this way the system has time to catch up and you decrease your chances of the coupon not coming off your card.

Safeway also has Catalina coupons.

Fred Meyer
A Fred Meyer club card is valuable in more than one way. First, every dollar you spend in store earns one point. At the end of every quarter, you will get a rebate back in the mail in the form of coupons. I LOVE these coupons. I have been able to use them to get free bread, produce, meat and more!
The second reason you should have a club card is you can load coupons right onto your card to redeem on your shopping trip just by swiping your card.  We suggest waiting 24 hours after loading coupons to your card before you do your shopping--this way your card has time to catch up and all of your coupons will be redeemed.
Fred Meyer also allows you to "stack" coupons (meaning you can use a Fred Meyer coupon with a manufacturer coupon.) keep in mind that if you plan on using a store coupon and an eCoupon (one loaded onto your card), you will want to have the store coupon scanned before you swipe your card or their register will adjust the store coupon price.

Fred Meyer also has Catalina coupons.

Each month, Fred Meyer puts out a monthly coupon/extra deal book. These can be found at the end of the check-stands or at customer service. This book is full of monthly deals and extra coupons (that CAN be stacked with manufacturer coupons!)

How to shop Walgreens
In Ad Coupons—
In the Walgreens Sunday Ad there are usually plenty of Walgreens coupons. These can be used with a manufacturer coupon to increase your savings.
Another place to find Walgreens coupons is in their monthly coupon book usually found right inside the front door or at the registers. You can also use these coupons with a manufacturer coupon.

Register Rewards—
This is a “catalina” coupon program. A RR is a coupon that prints after you make a qualifying purchase. It is usually good for a set amount off of your next purchase. Many times they will offer a deal where you pay x amount for a product and get that same amount back as a RR. So use a manufacturer coupon when you are paying, and you have just made money on your purchase.
Only one register reward will print per transaction for each qualifying item. For example if toothpaste is generating a RR, only ONE will print per transaction!
Paying with RR’s:
Walgreens registers will NOT allow you to have more coupons than items (this does not include store coupons). If you have one item that you are buying and you want to pay with one manufacturer coupon and one RR, you will need to find a cheap “filler item”.  Look for clearance items or other cheap items!

I want to buy 2 packs of toilet paper. I have 2 $1.00/1 manufacturer coupons and 1 register reward I want to pay with. In order to use the RR I need a "filler". I will usually buy a single piece of candy or a single pencil.

Example 2:
I want to buy 2 packs of toilet paper. I have 1 $1.00/2 manufacturer coupon and 1 register reward I want to pay with. I still need a filler item since the $1.00/2 coupons counts as 2 coupons.

Example 3:
I want to buy 2 packs of toilet paper. I have 2 $1.00/1 manufacturer coupons and 1 RR AND 1 $1.00/2 Walgreens coupon I want to pay with. I still only need ONE filler item since store coupons are not calculated in the final coupon count.

So keep in mind: 1 manufacturer coupon for every 1 item

The best way to use your Register Rewards is to "roll" them. This means you use one RR to pay for an item that is going to give you a RR back. This way you are paying very little out of pocket to build your stockpile!

How to shop Rite Aid
In ad coupons—
The Sunday Rite Aid ad usually has in-ad coupons. Sometimes they will say manufacturer coupon on them, but this is very misleading. You have to check the barcode of the coupon. If it starts with a 5 or 9 then it is a manufacturer coupon. If it starts with RC it is a store coupon that can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon.

Rite Aid has a reward program called +up. This is a coupon that prints at the bottom of your receipt when you make a qualifying purchase. In order to get these you use your Rite Aid Wellness card. Check the ad or the sale tags to see if there is a limit on the number you can earn. If the limit is 3, for example, you can buy 3 items and receive all 3 rewards back in one transaction.

The best way to shop at Rite Aid and save the most money is to "roll" these +up rewards. You can use as many rewards in one transaction! Buy items with +up rewards that will give you +up rewards back.

Another program Rite Aid has is the Single Check Rebate (SCR) system. After you purchase qualifying items, you enter your receipt info on their website. At the end of the month you request your rebate and Riteaid sends you a check for the total of all your rebates. You can use this check at Riteaid or deposit/cash it just like you would any other check.

Video Values—
At you can watch commercial videos that earn coupons. You can also use these with a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon. Most of the items that have video value coupons will go on sale sometime during the month.

My favorite thing to do at Target is to use a coupon on a clearance item!
Target is another store that allows you to “stack” coupons—or use a Target coupon with a manufacturer coupon. Target’s website has a ton of target printable coupons, AND manufacturer printable coupons!
Another way to coupon at Target is to look in their travel size section. Many coupons do not have a specific size that they are good on and you can use these to get free travel size items.