Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Riteaid run :)

It is so much fun to shop at Riteaid! Especially when it works out the way you want it to!

Here is my first transaction:

1 jumbo pk. Huggies @ $8.99
Vicks Baby Vaporub @ $3.99

-$2.00 Huggies coupon
-$2.00 Riteaid Vicks coupon
-$1.50 any Vicks coupon from 10/10 P&G
-$1.00 video value coupon (http://www.adperks.com/)
-$6.00 in +ups from Monday
total: $.48
and received $4.00 in +ups

Transaction 2:

4 pks. Mentos gum @ $1.00 each
1 Vicks Nyquil @ $3.99
1 Vicks Dayquil @ $3.99
3 Herbal Essence Shampoo @ $2.99 each

-$1.00 Mentos gum coupon x4
-$1.50 vicks coupon from 10/10 or 10/31 P&G x2
-$2.00 Riteaid Vicks coupon from flu shot book x2
-$2.00 any Clairol family product from 10/31 P&G x3
-$3.00 +up reward from 1st transaction
total: $.95
and received 2 $1.00 +up rewards from the vicks and 3 $2.00 +ups from the shampoo!!

okay, I want to explain the Clairol family product coupon--Herbal Essence is part of the Clairol family, so that is why this coupon works. I just want you to know that your mileage may vary on this though! The first Riteaid I went to it beeped and the cashier wouldn't take it. no biggie. I had heard mixed messages on it--worked for some, didn't work for others. Well, we hit up a different Riteaid and I thought I would try it again. I explained the situation to the cashier and she went ahead and scanned the shampoo and then the coupon....NO BEEPS!! so I am not really sure why it worked at one Riteaid and not the other, but Herbal Essence shampoo DOES qualify for use with this coupon!!!

(sorry the picture is pretty bad...it is off of my phone)

So my total spent was $1.43 plus tax or a savings of $48.46--I also still have $11.00 in +up rewards! Did I mention that I LOVE Riteaid?? :)


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