Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An email from a fellow Savvy Saver

We received this email today and thought we would share it with all of you! we love hearing about others being able to save money! How great is it to be able to cut your monthly budget!?! This is a very good reminder that every little bit helps. Her savings is 30% with just one month of couponing....keep up the good work Bianca!

"OK Rachel, so you asked if I was saving money on groceries. (Including diapers, Costco, cleaning supplies, etc.)
Our average has been 800.00 or so, but buying only what we needed for meals that week (nothing in advance, nothing in the pantry) Some months were 1200!!!

This month, my first full month playing the drugstore game AND stocking up on several things that we go through (Poptarts, cereal, diapers, wipes, pudding, frozen yogurt, etc. etc.) I have spent 550. My weekly trips to Fred Meyers have not even been using coupons-so a ton of my savings has been through stocking up at Albertsons when the things we use are cheap/free. That's over 30+% savings WHILE I'M STOCKING UP!!! When I've gone to Fred Meyer, I've found that I didn't need to buy as much because I was shopping from my pantry so I didn't buy anything that I had at home unless it was on sale, and I was more aware about prices. Example: Last night at Fred Meyer, boneless skinless chicken was FIVE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS A POUND! I about lost it. Jake asked if they had any in the back-the family packages were MUCH cheaper!

I was really excited to hear this, because it didn't really FEEL like I was saving money by running from Walgreens to Rite Aid to Albertsons to Fred Meyer. :)