Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Groupon: $40 at the Carpet Barn or $15 at Slick Rock Tanning and Spa

Today's Groupon:

$40 for $120 Toward Carpeting, Flooring, Materials, and Installation at Carpet Barn

Flooring keeps people from falling into Earth's hollow core, preventing run-ins with hidden dangers including lava geysers, dinosaurs, and teetering piles of discarded Betamax tapes. Avoid the pitfalls of exposed-bedrock dwellings with today’s Groupon: for $40, you get $120 toward carpet, flooring, materials and installation at Carpet Barn. Today's Groupon also may be applied toward the final shipping cost on mailed orders.

Also Available:

In olden times, tanning referred to the process of convincing animals to convert themselves into leather, which was then used to bind books about tanning. Learn tanning's modern definition with today's Groupon to Slick Rock Tanning & Spa

Thank you, Groupon!

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