Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ALBERTSONS DOUBLERS: how I bought what I needed

There are times for all of us when we have to purchase an item because we need it. I needed paper towels. My stock of them had disappeared into the garbage by me, my kids, and hubby with all the spills and cleaning that comes with a family of 6. I always grab them if they're on sale, but I haven't seen a decent buy in awhile.
Not wanting to pay full price, I weighed my options. Do I do the P&G promo at Walgreens and buy a bunch of other items I didn't need just to save on paper towels? Do I buy super cheep towels and be irritated every time I use them until I find a good deal on my favorite Bounty brand? Or do I use what coupons I had to the best of ability on things I need so the cost of my paper towels doesn't bother me as much? Albertsons is where my answer lied.
I had a few things I wanted to use doublers on. I had also accrued a $5 reward with my preferred card and I knew that could help with my cost. Here's my trip and it even ended up better than I had planned.

2 S&W Black beans $1 each
-used $.50/2 coupon
-used doubler
2 Rhodes Rolls $2.99 each
-used 2 $1/1 coupons (for spaghetti later this week)
-used 2 doublers
1 Ken's Ranch Dressing $.99 with raincheck
-used $1/1 coupon
1 12 pack Basic Bounty Paper Towels $10.99
(This is where it got good. I was going to purchase the 8ct. for $8 something and use my $5 on this only having to spend $3 for them. Then I saw the store had marked the 12ct. down to $10.99 from $14.99. Even better! Pay a few bucks more and get 4 more rolls.)
-used $.25/1 Bounty paper towels or napkins coupon ( I really wish these would be greater coupons, but hey, I had it and used it.)
Total before coupons, doublers, and sale prices: $30.93
Total after coupons, doublers, sale prices, and $5 preferred reward: $9.18!

TOTAL SAVINGS: $21.75 or 70%!!!

This made me very happy that I got the paper towels I needed, the few things I had wanted to grab, and still paid less than the sale price of the towels alone! Yay me! Now, on to more cleaning. ;)

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