Friday, January 13, 2012

Organize in 30 Days

I think everyone feels the clutter bug at one time or another. The problem with this bug is that it slowly sneaks up on you. It works it's way into your house while you're distracted and over time begins to grow until it almost feels like there's an elephant in the room.

Now I have a cleaning schedule that involves cleaning a few rooms everyday. I try sticking to it, but I am human and it doesn't always land at the top of my list. Even when I do stay true to my list, I find little project around the house that I pretend aren't there.

This morning I received this email from Home Made Simple called "Get Organized In 30 Days." I'm thinking it'll be just like any other new year resolution article, but when I read it, I was impressed with some of the tasks it wants you to do. For example: How to organize your desk with 3 easy steps, Organize your Bathroom with over 20 ways to tame the mess (we have 1 bathroom and 6 people. I'm looking forward to this one), and Linen closet: Maximize your space.

I look forward to sitting down later this afternoon and reading through all their suggested ideas. I may not follow their schedule, but I hope to find a few new tricks to add to my already established cleaning routine. Hopefully, you will find something you can try as well.

FYI: I am not getting paid for my opinion on this article. I truly thought is was good! :)

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