Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Shopping Trip Week of July 17

Well, this week was kind of uneventful as far as killer deals go, but I had +up rewards burning a hole in my pocket (and due to expire!)


DOUBLERS!! YAY!! Over 2 trips, I managed:
10 boxes of Ronzoni pasta-Free!
4 loaves of Franz Bread-Free!
20 cups of Yoplait yogurt-only $.30 a cup

Rite Aid
2 Jumbo packs of Pampers (BIG SCORE!)-$2.99 each!
2 Murphys Oil Soap-$1 each

I am desperately waiting for Rite Aid to get the Tide Stain Packs back in so I can use my rain check and get them for about $2 a piece with coupon and $3 off a $15 order coupon!

What was YOUR big score this week?

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