Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Coupon Diary: Day 1: 07-11-10

Day 1: 07-11-10
To start my couponing today, I bought a Sunday Paper on the way to church. Then when I got home, I cut out my coupons. Today there was the Smart Source and Redplum booklets. I spent about 20 minutes cutting them out. I do cut everything because there's always someone looking for one I don't want. After cutting I put them in my binder and I'd say that that took about 10 minutes. The longer you do this, the faster you get. I've gone to all the sites of my favorite stores and signed up ad previews. This way they get emailed to me a few days ahead of time and I can figure out things I want to get before Sunday arrives. If you want to sign up for ad previews click the Coupon, Samples, and Preview page button at the top of this blog. Honestly, its a time saver.

Okay, first of all I have to say that I love Albertson's Doublers! I did good today, but I do have to say I spent a good chunk of my weeks allowance. It should all pan out though, because Sundays tend to be my best day to get out and do some shopping without my kiddos. Plus, I get to run around with my partner in crime, Shannan.

So here's the things I was after today: batteries, cereal, carrots, and tortillas. I wanted to check prices on Q Tips and Tampons at Walmart and Rite Aid. Of course, what I got was a bit more, but I still got really good savings.

Here's the breakdown:
Olay Bodywash $4.79 x2 (used 2 $4.00 c)
Q Tips 500 ct. $2.49 (used 1 $1.00 c)
My Total: $4.12
Original Total: $13.62
Total Savings: 67.2%

Lysol Wipes B1G1 $2.52 x2 (used 2 $1.00 c)
My Total: $3.48
Original Total: $5.48
Total Savings: 36%

Always 16ct Reg. pads $2.99 (used 1 $1.00 and will get $1.00 Single Check Rebate)
My Total: $2.25
Original Total: $3.25
Total Savings: 37% (plus $1 in the mail, so after I recieve that they would have only cost $.99)

ALBERTSONS- At our Wandimere location you can get a doubler sheet at customer service
--Transaction 1 w/ first set of doublers from my paper:
Mission Tortillas $2.79 x4 (used 4 $.75 c and 3 doublers at $1 each)
My Total: $2.71
Original Total: $8.81
Total Savings: $ 70% ( I love doublers!)
--Transaction 2 w/ second set of doublers from cc and Buy 8 save $8 Kellogg cereal deal:
Apple Jacks cereal $3.49 x6 (used 3 $1.50 off of two and 3 doublers at $1 each)
Frosted Mini Wheat cereal $3.99 x2 (used 1 $1.00 of two and no doublers)
My Total: $3.50
Original Total: $25.92
Total Savings: $86% (Still love doublers)

Carrots at $1.26 a bag (no coupon, just needed them for dinner)
My Total $1.26
Original Total: $1.26
Total Savings: 0%

My Total Spending Today: $17.32
Original Total: $58.44
Total Savings: 70%

So I didn't get the batteries I wanted. Target had them on clearance for $.50 and my coupons are for $1. My coupons would have been adjusted for the sale price, but they still would have been free. Too bad they were out! I did get the Olay Body Wash that I've been keeping my eye out for. $4 off doesn't come around often so I wanted to use them on Targets good price. In the past they have been out, but finally, they restocked! Not a bad day for me. Cereal is always a must have so when I can use doublers and a sale... I walk away very happy!

Now, these are things I'm keeping my eye out for. And what I mean by that is I go over the ads from time to time or watch online to see if anyone finds a good deal I can copy:
-Olives (If anyone knows me, they know I put olives in about everything I make, along with ranch!)
-I might check into a toilet paper deal at FredMeyers.
-Hersheys syrup for my morning carmel mocha
-Refried beans (I'm not in desperate need, but I'm starting to run low so time to start looking)

As the week goes on and me having 4 kids, I'm sure I will add to this list. I know running around doesn't always work for everyone, but if you can for good deals then do. If you can't and only have time to shop one store, thats okay too. You'll just get really good working that store. If I had to pick just one I would say Safeway just for the fact that I can stack loaded ecoupons on my card and paper coupons. Alright, I'm done for today and we'll see what the rest of the week brings.
Total Spending Left for This Week: $7.68

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