Monday, August 2, 2010

My Coupon Diary Day 23: 08-02-10

Day 23: 08-02-10

I am back! Notice Shannan didn't finish the week of the diary entries... Something about spending time with her Hubby before he goes out of town. IDK, I think she was just slacking! ;)

Okay, so a week away from everything had definitely given me a lot to do. Now, where to start? I have a lot of laundry and kids complaining about not having clothes to wear, so thats a priority, dishes are now stacked on the counter with no clean bowl in the cupboard, so I guess I should work on that, and coupons; two weeks worth to cut and print out. I know I missed the olive deal at Walgreens (bummer for me), but I can't wait to get organized and plan this week. We did get the doublers for Albertsons this week and there are new Tampax coupons out there. I have so much in my mind that I'm not sure where to start or if I've gotten much done with what I have started. Here's my plan: Make a menu for this week (I hope to use things I have at home so I can work on household items with my budget), create shopping list for the things I need or want to look at, clean my house (scariness when unpacking a weeks worth of stuff), and go shopping tomorrow to get some of the sales that will be ending.

Menu for this week:

08-02-10: Hamburger and potato casserole

08-03-10: fajitas

08-04-10: Life Group

08-05-10: Grilled Mini Pizzas

08-05-10: Pot roast with potatoes, carrots, peppers and onions

08-07-10: Grill something from the freezer (remembering my cow we purchased)

Okay, so the things I've chosen this week are all things I have. I'm thinking easy, fast, and yummy. The only things I might buy is tuna they have on sale at Albertsons (3 for $.99 with in ad c), produce to snack on, and any stock-up priced items I find. I do want to get paper plates (still need them) and I want to start looking for toilet paper, laundry soap, and paper towels (my stock is dwindling). Cereal is also something I'm looking at this week. I will check Albertsons to see if my doublers will come in handy there and Fred Meyer also has a deal going on. If I don't find anything great this week, i will try again next.

I do plan on spending a lot of time tonight after the kids go to bed on reading my favorite blogs and working possible deals out for tomorrow. I would say today I will spend a total of 4 hours on coupons simply because I want to see everything I missed while I was gone, organize, and remove expired coupons.

My Total Left to Spend This Week: $25

Happy Couponing!

{ -Rachel- }

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