Friday, September 10, 2010

How To Shop Appliances!

One of our readers, Laura, recently found herself in need of a new refrigerator. Her story went like this:

"I'm one of those people who buys what I really want rather than looking for the best deal but I get really excited when I get a screaming deal on something I really wanted so here is the deal we got this last weekend.

LG Refrigerator original price $2700
Best Buy sale price $2000

We went to Home Depot because they are doing FREE delivery and take away right now. Did price matching. Learned that they were having an additional 10% off appliances over $400

Savings now +$200
LG promotion rebate +$100
WA State energy rebate +$100

Total Savings = $1100
Giddy Dancing for the last 3 days!!!"

Thank you, Laura, for sharing your story!

So now the question is: How do you shop for appliances? I've done a little research and this is what I have found thus far. I do hope to add to this article in the future as I find more tips on saving on these expensive necessities!

  • Any store who sells new major appliances will have floor models. When the store receives the latest models they have to get rid of the floor models to make room for the new ones. These floor models are sold at great discounts. To get the best discount on major appliances ask a sales person when the floor models will be sold. This way you have the best chance at getting the best choices.

  • Most stores who sell major appliances will have a close out store. This is where they will sell major appliances at great disounts. Ask a sales person where their close out store is located. Shop the close out store regularly to get the best discount on major appliances. Give a sales person at the close out store your name and number with the model number to the appliance you are looking for. That way they can give you a call when one comes available.
  • Sometimes major appliances are returned but are still in excellant condition. Find out where the store sells their returns for another great way to get the best discount on major appliances.

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