Thursday, July 1, 2010

eCoupons and free groceries!

Safeway has a great eCoupon policy--you can stack eCoupons! Stacking is where you use more than one coupon for the same item. If you load a coupon for wheaties cereal, for example, from and, both coupons will be redeemed at the register. Safeway also allows you to use a paper coupon in addition to the eCoupons. And since in-ad coupons are store coupons, you could technically use 4 or more coupons on one item!!
here is how we got $3.99 cereal for $.24:
load $1.00 from cellfire
load $.75 from cellfire
load $1.00 from shortcuts
print $1.00 from

so after the four coupons, $4.00 cereal is almost free!

How did we get two coupons for the same item on cellfire? many of their coupon offers will overlap. If you load one, it won't expire for about 1 month, and sometimes they will reset their coupons in between, so you can load another one for the same item!

Fred Meyer's eCoupon policy isn't as awesome--you can only use one eCoupon per item in one transaction. So even if you buy two yogurts, and have two coupons loaded, only one coupon will come off. If you have two eCoupons, and want to use both, you will have to separate your transactions. You can still stack a paper coupon with your eCoupon though!

another example of where I used an eCoupon with a paper coupon is a four pack of yoplait yogurts. I loaded a $1.00 eCoupon and printed a $1.00 paper coupon. the yogurt is normally priced $1.99 at Fred Meyer, and went on sale for $2.00 at safeway. I was able to get two packs of yogurt for free!


  1. Awesome deals. I wish we had a Fred Meyer close by.:o(

  2. if you have a safeway close by, you can still take advantage of eCoupons! they are wonderful!

  3. I like Safeway for this. I used my card and coupons the other day and saved $58! This is new to me but so far so good!