Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Safeway deals 10-13-10 through 10-19-10

Safeway Deals

There isn't any super great deals this week. Some of this will be better at Albertsons if we get doublers on Sunday. Keep checking to see those deals. They should be up soon.

**Remember: in ad prices are only applied if your transaction is $10 or more after coupons!**

Mission Tortillas $1.29 w/in ad coupon
-use $.55/1 from Safeway MDA Muscle coupon booklet
Total: $74 each

General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios $1.88
-use $1/2 from
Total: $1.38 each wyb 2 (not a good deal)

Pillsbury Sweet moments $1.99 w/in ad coupon
-use $1.50/1 sweet moments from
-load $1/1 sweet moments from
Total: $.41 money maker

Pillsbury Cookie Dough $1.99 with in ad coupon
-use $1/2 from
-load $1/2 from
-load $1/2 from
Total: Possibly free

Progresso Soup $.88 w/in ad coupon
-use $.50/2 from
-load $.50/2 from
-load $.50/2 from
Total: $.13 each wyb 2

Dannon Activia Yogurt $1.99
-use $1/1 from SS 10/10
-load $.75/1 from
Total: $.24 each

Hefty Trash Bags $6.49
-use $2/1 from Safeway $13 Summer of Savings Coupon book
Total: $4.49 each

Tide Laundry Detergent $5.99
-use $1/1 from P&G 9/26
-load $1/1 from P&G ecoupons
Total: $3.99 each

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls $2.99
-use $1/2 breakfast bowls from RP 8/1
-use $1/1 Jimmy Dean Product from Facebook
Total: $.99 each
Jimmy Dean Sausage Rolls $3.49
-use $.75/2 from RP 10/10
-use $1/1 from Jimmy Dean Product on Facebook
Total: $1.49
Jimmy Dean Frozen Breakfast $4.99
-use $1/2 Breakfast sandwiches from R 8/1
-use $1/1 Jimmy Dean Product from Facebook
Total: $3.49 each wyb2
Jimmy Dean Hearty Sausage Crumbles $3.49
-use $1/1 Jimmy Dean Product from Facebook
Total: $2.49
Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Favorites $3.49
-use $1/1 Jimmy Dean Product from Facebook
Total: $2.49
Jimmy Dean Frozen D-lights $5.99
-use $1/1 D-light sandwich from RP 10/3
-use $1/1 Jimmy Dean Product from Facebook
Total: $3.99
Hass Avacodos $.78 each
Lay's Potato Chips $1.79 each
Smithfield Premium Sliced Bacon $3.77 each
24-pack Pepsi or 7-Up $5.49
Lucerne Ice Cream $2.50 each
-use $.75/1 from Safeway $70 savings coupon booklet
Total: $1.75 each


  1. What are "doublers" and how do you get them?

  2. Rena- Doublers (aka- Twice the Value) are coupons we receive about once a month from Albertsons. Albertsons runs their ads Wed-Tues. These coupons come in the Sunday paper and are good for three days. They allow you to double any manufacture coupon valued at $1 or less. If you have a $1 coupon for something, the doubler would allow it to become $2's. It just makes things on sale a little better of a deal!

  3. I'm super new to this whole this is probably a silly question...from what I have gathered from your blog Safeway will accept multiple coupons on one item as long as each coupon is from a different source (i.e, cellfire, or the paper)? is that correct?
    I think what you do is amazing and I'm totally intrigued! Its my new HOBBY!!!! :)

  4. Krystal--
    yes and no.
    at Safeway you can use coupons that are loaded onto your Safeway card. These are called eCoupons. You are able to load these from,,, and
    These can be combined with one paper coupon from the internet or newspaper.
    So, if you have more than one coupon loaded onto your safeway card for one item, all the coupons will be redeemed. lets say you have 3 coupons loaded onto your card for yogurt, you can use all 3 on one yogurt along with ONE paper coupon.
    you can not use more than one paper manufacturer coupon for one item.
    hopefully that answers your question!

  5. that answers it! Thanks!