Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Always make sure you check the clearance!

I decided to do a quick Albertson's run after my hubby got home from work this evening, since I needed some sugar to finish my baking for Thanksgiving.
I am glad I did.
I decided to check out the clearance to see if there were any coupons that I could match up with it for some great deals, and look what I found! The have Secret Flawless deodorant on clearance for $2 and a smaller size of it for $1.75. Also, they have Olay bodywash for $2.50 in the clearance. I thought of the 'buy 1 Secret Deodorant, get $5 off Olay body wash, body bar or lotion' coupon and ran home to get it.
I only had 3, buy I know I have 2 more that I misplaced as I was searching for any Secret coupons I may have.
Anyway, I called Shannan to get her opinion on whether she thought I could get two body washes per coupon and she told me to try.
Here's what I did:

6 x Olay body wash @ $2.50 each
1 x Secret Flawless deodorant 2.6 oz @ $2.00
2 x Secret Flawless deodorant 1.6 oz @ $1.75 ea
1 x Suave deodorant @ $1.79
2 x Friskies cat food @ .69 each
1 x Yakisoba noodles @ $1.00
1 x M&M's pretzel @ $2.50
1 x Albertson's sugar, what I went there for in the first place! @ $2.69

- $2/1 Secret Flawless, P&G November home mailer
- (3) $5 off Olay when you buy the Secret Deodorant, 10/31 P&G
- BOGO Friskies (I didn't track where this one came from)
- .75/1 Suave deodorant, 11/14 RP
- .50/1 Yakisoba noodles, 10/10 SS
- $1/1 M&M's pretzel from Facebook
- (3) doublers (1.00, .75, .50)
- $5 reward for reaching 5000 points last trip

Total:$ 2.35 (NOT including tax) and considering the sugar itself was $2.69, the rest was basically free! I was so happy that I didn't hear any beeps for the body wash! I am happy! :)

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