Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fun stuff in my mailbox today :)

A couple months ago I bought a pack of Boogie Wipes and under the lid was a code to put in on their website to submit for a boogie wipe package. I had given up on receiving this since it took forever but finally found it in my mailbox today. It has totally made my morning :)

The first thing I pulled out of the envelope was a Boogie wipes tatoo....thats right (see picture below). so at this point I am just laughing and totally want to go put it on but I just don't know where the right spot would be--hand, arm, shoulder??
I then pulled out a second temp tatoo (Amy allergy) and a cool little button that says "I saved my sleeve". I am totally pinning this to my shirt when I go shopping at Fred Meyer later today!

I am just glad this kit came with something more than temp tatoos and cool buttons; I also received 3 one wipe packets of the different Boogie wipe scents, and two $.50 coupons.
I love getting the mail :)

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