Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to make $ at RiteAid!

So I have $6 of +ups to use at RiteAid this week. I thought I would get some stocking stuffers since there wasn't anything I was in love with deal wise. Last week I had gotten a 25% off coupon in my email and decided to use it to help my $ go farther. Here's what I did:

Deep breath; this is exciting!

3 Oral B Cross Action Power Tooth brushes $7.99 each
1 Oral B Cross Action Power Anti-Microbial Tooth brush $8.49
3 Pairs of Fluffy Warmer Slippers $3.00 each
5 Wet'N Wild fingernail polishes $.99 each
1 Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste $3.50
4 Rite Aid Tapes ($1.49 B1G1)
1 Bath Puff (for my little man) $2.00
Total before tax: $54.90 ($57.88 before B1G1)
Tax: around $4.97
Total after tax: $59.87

Coupons used:
-25% off one transaction $16.71
-4 $10 Oral B Power Tooth Brushes (P&G 12-5 I think) (after the 25% it gave me about $4 each item in overage)
-1 $.75/1 Colgate toothpaste

Total: -$3.26
Tax: $3.26
TOOP: $0!!!! and I received $7.50 in +ups!!!! ($3.50 for toothpaste and 4 $1 for tape)

Now, not only did I make $ on this, I know have to go back this week since I didn't even touch my original $6 in +ups! I have a few more ideas for those. :)

Happy Couponing!
Did I mention I LOVE RiteAid!?!?
{ -Rachel- }

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