Monday, March 21, 2011


Here We Grow!

Shannan and I are so excited about all the changes here at Savvy With Savings! Nothing is more exciting than life moving forward and growth occurring.

For those of you who don't know, Shannan and I started couponing just over a year ago when we fell in love with the idea of saving $ all while shopping. Who wouldn't, right?

We are so close to celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary here on the blog! In this year we have become very skilled at the art of shopping with coupons, have seen many people change from spending too much to spending enough while saving, and now are ready to welcome Shannan's 2nd baby (Lily) into our family. We will let everyone know when Lily makes her appearance!

Monica joined us here at Savvy With Savings a couple months ago. Monica is one of the many people we see Rock At Checkout and she is happy to share her great finds. Monica is getting ready to make a huge change in her life as well. Her husband received a job offer in Othello, WA. We want to wish Monica and her three little ones the best of luck in their new town and look forward to her continuing her coupon adventure. She will be posting when she can.

We would also like to take this time to introduce Amanda B! She is married and a mother of two. Amanda has been using coupons for 7 years, but REALLY started couponing 6 months ago. She is an amazing shopper who has helped people in her life spend less. She can't wait to get started and will be sharing her shopping trips and any coupon tid-bits that she finds. Welcome, Amanda!

All in all we are having a lot of fun here at Savvy With Savings! We hope you all will continue to benefit from us four mom's trying to save a buck (and having a LOT of fun while doing it). Whether it's from Monica in Othello, Amanda at RiteAid, Shannan from, who knows, the hospital, or me at home with my 4, we will continue to grow and hope all of our amazing readers grow along with us.

As always,
Happy Couponing!
{ -Rachel- }

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