Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my Wal-mart test run

okay, number one....sorry the picture quality is not the greatest. I am using my cellphone since I left my camera at my mom's house.
number two.....would I use coupons at Wal-mart again? the jury is still out on that one. It took me almost 45 mins just to check out tonight. ugh. I knew it might be brutal so I went with coupon policy in hand but my cashier just didn't seem to care. She called the manager over--no biggie--but the manager had to explain to her a few times that it was perfectly okay for me to get free items. I also tried to use a $5.00 Catalina from Albertsons (which according to their new policy they accept) but the manager shot me down and I wasn't going to argue it. I will just have to spend it at Albertsons ;)
I should have checker profiled a little bit better but she was very insistent that she help me. Oh well; hopefully it was a learning experience for her too....lol.

So here is what I did (I think I did pretty well since my before coupon total was $38.56!!):

2 gain 80 ct. dryer sheets $3.26 each
-used $3.00/1 from 2/13 Redplum

Pull-ups wipes 42 ct. $1.64
-used $1.00/1 from home mailer (also available on their website)

2 purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets 2 pk. $.97 each
-used $1.00/1 from 3/13 smartsource
(plus there are $1.00/1 coupons in these which would make for more FREE laundry soap!!)

K-Y $2.98
-used $2.00/1 from 1/30 smartsource
(there was a $3.00 printable available for a while that would make this free but I missed out on it)

Secret clinical strength deodorant (trial size) $2.47
-used $3.00/1 from home mailer
(there are also $2.00/1 coupons in the last P&G)

2 Secret deodorant, trial size $.97 each
-used $1.00/1 from home mailer

3 Tide single load, trial size $.97 each
-used 3 $1.00/1 coupons from home mailers

2 Gain dish soap $.97 each
-used $1.00/1 from home mailer

Head and shoulders shampoo, trial size $.97
-used $2.00/1 from home mailer

2 McCormick taco seasoning packets $.48 each
-used $1.00/1 from 3/13 redplum

3 Frigo Cheese Heads String cheese individuals $.33 each
-used $.50/1 from 12/12 smartsource

2 Millstone coffee, single serve pack $1.64 each
-used $2.00/1 from 2/13 redplum

Infant Advil for my teething one year old $4.77
-used $2.00/1 tearpad coupon

10 pk. baby hangers $1.25
(this is really what I went in for....I'm trying to get the girls' room together before the baby comes!)

Vaposteam meds for my vaporizer $4.00 (wal-mart brand is SO much cheaper than anyone else!)

so that is a total of $32.50 in coupons and I paid $6.06 plus tax. Not too bad since the Vaposteam and the hangers alone were $5.25 and then throw in the Advil that I would have bought anyway and I would have been at $8.02! So I guess when I look at it that way I did save quite a bit of money and bought stuff that I will for sure use! (who can't use free laundry soap?!?) Maybe Wal-mart will have to be a once-in-a-while shopping trip for me.

Have any of you tried out their new coupon policy? If so, I want to know how it went for you?



  1. good job! When I finally get over this coughing and sinus yuck I've had for a while, I am going to try couponing at Walmart. Right now, I wouldn't have the energy to care if it worked or not!

  2. I don't blame you for not wanting to attempt that one while not feeling well! feel better and let us know how it goes for you! I am curious to see if Wal-mart will get a little more coupon friendly!