Friday, March 11, 2011

RiteAid rewards

For those of you that haven't heard, Rite Aid is changing their +up rewards on food products. The last few months they have had food items triggering a $1 +up for each one purchased. This week it was released that they have now limited that +up to one per item, per month, per household (or rewards card). What does this do to us? Well if you're like me and ordered a bunch of tuna for next weeks sale, you will probably want to cancel. The sale was 10 cans for $15, get a $5 +up back wyb 10 and then 10 +ups for purchasing a food item. Now you will only receive one of those $1 +up which makes these $.90 a piece instead of free. Bummer.

The good news is they have extended the +ups through this week since they've gotten a lot of crap for stopping them mid week. So, if your Rite Aid has not ran out of tuna, go buy some. It's B1G1 50% off and you'll still receive a $1+up per tuna. The bad news is my shelves will not be stocked with tuna next week. :(

To keep updated on what is going on, I recommend watching their Facebook page. It seems to be where they are responding to everyone's comments. I also encourage you to leave a comment on how this will impact your shopping here. We all love Rite Aid, so the more voices heard, the better. Go HERE to "like" them of Facebook.

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