Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zaycon Foods: Central Idaho & Eastern Washington

I received this email today regarding Central Idaho and Eastern Washington:

To our central Idaho and eastern Washington customers: We have a new savings event opening today. We will be bringing chicken on March 15th to:

  • Lewiston
  • Grangeville
  • Pullman
  • Kamiah

Don't Forget about Our Referral Rewards Program:

Our Referral Rewards program is our way of saying thank you for sharing Zaycon Foods with other families. We created Zaycon Foods to help families save money on high-quality food products. We do this by combining the purchasing power of many families together. When your referrals participate in a Zaycon Foods savings event, you receive credit to be used towards your future purchase.

How do I participate in the Referral Program:

  1. Visit

  2. Login and view the My Account section

  3. Select "My Referrals"

    You will see your Referral Name and a URL that you can copy to an email or post on your Facebook. When others click on this URL, they will be taken to the Zaycon Foods registration page, and your Referral Name will appear in the "Referred By" field. (If someone visits our site without using your URL, be sure they have your Referral Name so they can enter it manually.)

  4. Once a customer has completed the registration process, you will receive a $1 credit, every time that customer participates in a Savings Event.


The Z Team

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