Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rite Aid Run!

I'm sure everyone who reads my posts knows how much I love Rite Aid. I love walking in and having people great me by name, knowing I'm going to get a deal, and knowing I'll keep coming back. I went out with a friend of mine last night. She had never gone with me before so it was fun to show her what I love:

Here's What I did:
1 Gillette Pro Fusion Razor Gift Set $9.99
2 Dawn Dish Soaps $.99
1 Uncle Bens White Rice $2.29
2 Cadberry Eggs $.88
2 Reeses Pieces Small Eggs 2/$3
-got 10% Reward discount on reg. priced items
-used $5 c on Gillette Pro Fusion Razor
-used 2 $.50/1 Dawn Dish Soap
-used 1 $.75/1 Uncle Ben's Rice
-used 1 $.30/1 Uncle Ben's VV
-used $3/$15 Survey C
-used $10 +up from P&G Promo last week
Total: $1.33 after tax ($.99 just in tax so I truly paid $.34)
Savings of: $29.01 and received a $5 +up for the razor and $1 +up for the candy.

I really wanted the hair bands that were $1.99 get a $1.99 +up, but they were out, so I had to do some substituting. I wanted to use my $3/$15 for the extra $3s but I had to get some extra items to hit $15. If I hadn't of gotten the extra items I would have paid more out of pocket. My friend? Well, lets just say she was impressed.

Happy Couponing!
{ -Rachel- }

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