Friday, May 27, 2011

Riteaid Huggies sale starting 5/29

Starting Sunday, 5/29, Riteaid has a Kimberly Clark promo--spend $30.00 on participating products, get a $10.00 +up. For those that are in need of diapers, lets see if we can make this a good deal.

Check your receipts to see if you have a $3.00/$15.00 survey coupon! these have been printing about every other receipt for me and will sweeten your deal!

also check to see if you received a Huggies Home Mailer this last couple weeks. I received 2. One with $2.00 Huggies diaper coupons, and one with a $2.00 Pull-ups coupon.

Did you submit for any FREE coupons from your Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards when they were available? If so, NOW is the time to use those! It is like you are making money off of them when you combine them with a sale like this one!

Lastly, check your coupon stash to see if you have any of those AWESOME $3.00/1 Huggies printables that were available a little while ago. Too bad these are NLA :(

Here are a few deal ideas for you:

buy 4 jumbo packs Huggies diapers $35.88 ($8.97 each)
-use (4) $1.50 printables from here
-AND use $1.00/1 video value (will be available to watch Sunday!)
pay $28.88, get $10.00 +up
final price: $4.72 each
*not the best price we have seen, but half off is GREAT if you need diapers!*

if you have a $3.00/$15.00 survey coupon, throw that in there:
buy 4 jumbo packs Huggies diapers $35.88
-use $3.00/$15.00
-use (4) $1.50 printables from here
-AND use $1.00/1 video value
pay $25.88, get $10.00 +up
final price: $3.97 each

want some Little Swimmers too?
buy 3 jumbo packs Huggies $26.91
buy 1 Little Swimmers $6.97
total $33.94
-use $3.00/$15.00 survey coupon
-use (3) $1.50 Huggies printables from here
-use $1.00/1 Little Swimmers printable from here
-use $1.00/1 Huggies video value coupon
pay 24.44, get $10.00 +up
final price: $3.61 each
plus, if you can find Juicy Juice at Riteaid (not sure if they carry it), use THIS coupon to get it FREE when you buy Little Swimmers!!

did you get any of the home mailer coupons? here is what you could do:
buy 4 Jumbo pack Huggies $35.88
-use $3.00/$15.00 survey coupon
-use (2) $2.00/1 Home mailer coupons (that is how many I received in mine, you may have more)
-use (2) $1.50 printables from HERE
-use $1.00/1 Huggies video value
pay $24.88, get $10.00 +up
final price: $3.72 each

I need wipes so I am going to combine the wipes with the diapers. Here's how:
buy 2 Jumbo pack Huggies $17.94
buy 2 refill pack wipes $13.94
-use $3.00/$15.00 survey coupon
-use (2) $1.50 printables from here
-use $1.00/1 video value
pay $24.88, get $10.00 +up
Final price: $3.72 each
*look for those home mailers--there are wipes coupons in them!*

Now, because I turned in some of my Huggies points, I have 2 coupons for FREE wipes. I also have a couple $3.00 printables in my coupon binder. Here is what my transaction will look like:
buy 2 Jumbo pack Huggies $17.94
buy 2 refill pack wipes $13.94
-use $3.00/$15.00 survey coupon
-use (2) $3.00/1 printables (NLA)
-use $1.00/1 video value
-use (2) FREE wipes coupon
pay $7.94, get $10.00 +up
final price: $2.06 money maker! (see why you should hold on to those FREE coupons for a good sale!?!)

What does your diaper scenario look like?

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