Friday, June 3, 2011

Zaycon Foods: Chicken is headed our way. Order now!

Zaycon Foods Chicken is headed our way! Wooo hoooo!

To our Washington, Oregon and Idaho Customers,
Many of you have told us you are out or close to being out of chicken. The news that our next chicken deliveries were scheduled for the fall was a huge disappointment to those of you who emailed and called.
Prices seem to always go up in the summer, so we try to avoid offering chicken at this time of the year. However, great news - we searched around and were able to secure a great summer price.
Get Ready! The sale will open tomorrow at 5:00pm. The price for the Fresh Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts will be $1.64 per lb. Delivery dates will range from June 10 thru June 16th.
So, if you need more chicken before the fall, be sure and order tomorrow. Also, if you have friends or neighbors who might be interested in Zaycon Foods chicken, pass this along and encourage them to register at

Make sure you check it out and get some great chicken ordered!
Also, if you want to read FAQs about their fresh chicken, go HERE.

{ -Rachel- }

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