Sunday, July 17, 2011

ALBERTSONS: My shopping trip with doulbers!

Albertsons just recently changed their policy of handing extra doublers out at the customer service counter. A manager at my favorite store was saying it's a trial thing just to see how it goes. I'm really hoping they'll see a lot less traffic and bring it back, but one can only hope.

Needing milk for breakfast today, I decided to head out and take advantage of the buy 4 General Millls cereal Get $2 Catalina and FREE milk OYNO. Here's what I did first thing this morning (I won't tell you at what time):

I broke my purchase up into 5 transactions. 3 of them I did at once, went out to the car, and then back in for my last two.

Bought 3 papers at gas station: $6

4 Honey Nut Cheerios 4/$10
Buy 4 Get FREE Milk upto $4 OYNO and a $2 Catalina
-used 2 $1/2 General Mills any Cheerios from todays paper 7/17 SS
-used 2 doublers
Total: $5.83 and received a $2 cat, $2 mystery GM cat, Free Milk cat, and I earned a $5 reward!

2 Lucky Charms 4/$10
2 Peanut Butter Puffs 4/$10
Buy 4 Get FREE Milk OYNO and a $2 Catalina
1 Gal of Milk
-used 2 $1/2 any GM cereals
-used 2 doubler
-used FREE Milk OYNO Cat from T1
-used $2 mystery cat from T1
Total: $3.83 and received $2 cat, $2 mystery cat, and Free Milk OYNO

6 Ronzoni Pasta 10/$10
1 Gal of Milk
-used 3 $1/2 Ronzoni Coupons printables (NLA)
-used 3 doublers
-used FREE Milk OYNO from T2
Total: FREE!

T4 & T5: 
2 Malt-o-meal Cereals 2/$5
Buy 2 Get $2 Cat
-used 1 $1/2 Malt-o-meal from HERE
-used 1 doubler
-used $2 Mystery Cat from T2
Total: $.91 and received a $2 cat and a $2 mystery cat!

My total spent today counting the newspapers for my doublers: $17.48
Walked away with $6 in Catalinas and a $5 reward for my preferred card*
Total after cats and reward: $6.48 (or $.36 for each item!)
Without my $5 reward it would be $.64 for each item!
*A quick note: I used a $2 catalina on my last transaction. It was not the mystery one, but the one from buying cereal. I only received the $2 mystery cat. This is just showing that the cereal catalinas are NOT rolling, but the $2 mystery cat is!

I'm not sure what's producing these $2 mystery catalinas. This is the same catalina we thought came from the Better Oats oatmeal last week. My guess is if you buy 4 boxes of those, you would get the $2 cat that's stated in this week's ad and also a $2 mystery one.  If anyone does this, let us know. The cashier said they were printing for everyone. 

So if you just did one transaction of GM cereal, after the 2 $2 cats you would only be paying $.46 per box and get your free milk! I would say this is something everyone should head out and do. 

I shopped at the Wandermere location in Spokane. They are fully stocked and had a huge display of cereals in the front by both entrances and one in the back by the cheese area, plus they will get another delivery Monday morning. If you want to get some, but wont be in until Tuesday, consider calling ahead to have your boxes put on hold. Happy Shopping!

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