Monday, August 29, 2011

WELCOME SEPTEMBER! (not really) Time to go through EXPIRED COUPONS

I can't believe September is almost here! Crazy to think that our summer is slipping away so quickly! Anyways, with the new month comes newly expired coupons. What do we do with them?

They can be such a mess sometimes, 
but what do you do with them?

One of our local readers sent this email to us and I think it's such a great thing! Please, take the time to read what Rena has planned for expired coupons and I hope some of us can really help her out. Check it out:

With the end of the month quickly approaching I was hoping I could ask a favor from my fellow couponers. As you know, coupons can be used on military basses for 6 months after their American expiration date. I have been talking with a chaplain's family that I very much love, stationed in Japan. They have requested that we send our expired and unused coupons to them as they do not receive any. They will share them with their community and help other military families save money. You may not be aware, but many militray families live on a single income and this is our chance to share the coupon love.

If you would like to be part of this project,  please send your coupons sorted into food and non food. so we can send them all together. 

Rena Flewelling
30 E Mayfair ct. #20
Spokane, WA 99208

We ask for a 1.00 donation to help with shipping.

Thanks ladies,

Thank you, Rena, for being a joy to know and a  person willing to take the step in helping our military families!
{ -Rachel- }

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  1. If coupons are uncut and still in full page form there is no need to sort the. Feel free to send entire smart source or red plum inserts. Thanks so much guys. This is a great way to do a small thing to help our military in a big way!!