Sunday, January 29, 2012

In my Kitchen: Stockpile Dinner Menu

I absolutely hate having to come up with dinner in a hurry. I have a two year old and a 10 month old and as soon as the clock hits 5 they think I haven't fed them all day. If I have a plan it is a lot less stressful for me! This is more of a rough draft menu though. If I don't feel like making what is on the menu for the night, I will switch it out with another night, but it is nice to be organized (in one aspect of my life. lol.)

My week:

Monday -- Taco salad and fruit
  From my stockpile: ground beef, black beans, tortilla chips, olives
  On my grocery list: lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, fruit

Tuesday -- Mandarin chicken salad
  From my stockpile: chicken, mandarin oranges, Asian ginger dressing, almond slices
  On my grocery list: lettuce

Wednesday -- Meatballs and rice with veggies
  From my stockpile: ground beef, bread crumbs, rice, bbq sauce
  On my grocery list: onion, carrots, broccoli

Thursday -- grilled cheese and salad
  From my stockpile: bread, cheese
  On my grocery list: lettuce, veggies for salad

Friday -- Eggs/toast/yogurt
  From my stockpile: bread
  On my grocery list: eggs, yogurt, milk

Saturday -- Homemade pizza
  I am not cooking, my wonderful husband is :)

Sunday -- lentil chili (YUM!)
  From my stockpile: lentils, canned tomato, garlic, seasoning
  On my grocery list: bell pepper, jalapenos, onion

I love that having a stockpile means I can save around 50% on my meals. It also means I can afford more fresh fruits and vegetables! 
What is your favorite part of your stockpile?

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