Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year Resolutions

I have never really been a big resolution maker (or keeper). For some reason, this year I feel like I do need to make some New Year resolutions--and hopefully keep them!

I got married October 2008, we had our first daughter in February of 2010, and our second in April of 2011. So in 3 years I went from being single to married with two kids! That is a lot of change in very little time (although every bit of it is worth it!)

With 2 kids this last Christmas, my little family gained a LOT of new stuff. I am starting to feel like my house is taking over, so I have put my house on a diet. Not only am I going to organize my house this year, but I am going to establish routines that will hopefully make my life a little easier!

Who wants to go on this journey with me?

My goals for January are to de-clutter my bedroom and train myself to clean my bathroom everyday.

I am inspired to de-clutter my bedroom because I am bad at setting something on my dresser and then leaving it there forever. You know it is bad when you set just one more something on it and everything slowly slides off starting a mini avalanche.

I am inspired to clean my bathroom everyday because of an article I read on FLYlady. The bathroom is the one room of my house that I have always liked to keep clean. I used to clean it once a week, but now that I am home all the time it just needs a little more TLC. I love the idea of having cleaner and wash rags in the bathroom, readily available.
I think I am going to buy these ones of off Amazon so I have a cleaning rag in my bathroom at all times (plus WAY less gross than a sponge!)

They are only $22.75 for 36 of them!

The best part is, I have saved up enough Swagbucks to earn two $5.00 Amazon gift cards--making these $10 cheaper for me! (If you haven't signed up for Swagbucks yet, you really should! Go here to read my post about it!)

I am going to be using Amazon and Swagbucks this year to help me reach my goals and will be sharing it all with you along the way!

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