Friday, February 17, 2012

STOCKPILES: Using the Sale Cycles

When it comes to starting and maintaining your stockpile, it can get a bit confusing. Now that you've found some great deals and you've come home with some great products, where do you put them? It doesn't take a lot of space to store a few things. Keep in mind that products go on sale about every 4-6 months, so only buy what you'll use in that time. 

This is where the Sale Cycle list can come in handy. This simple sheet will guide you by showing you when items are most likely going to be on sale. For example: September and October are great months to stock cereal, cheeses, and anything else you might need to get your kids ready for the new school season. It can help you not over, or even under buy, things you want to stock up on. Check it out!

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