Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Coupon Diary: Day 3: 07-13-10

Day 3: 07-13-10
I made it to Kmart today and spent my $10 coupon. This is how it went:
Covergirl eye liner $4.79
Pampers Wipes 220 ct $6.99 (used $1 c)
Original Total: $11.94
My Total after $1 and $10 coupon: $.94
Total Savings: 92%

I also went to Albertsons to use 2 coupons I had for Philadelphia cream cheese. They expire on the 17th and Shannan had left over doublers, so I thought I better use them. I don't need them right now, but they freeze and I could get them for free (I like that word)! Its not very often you get $1 coupon for cream cheese. My transaction went like this:
Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8 oz. $1.99 x2 (used two $1 mfc and 2 doublers at $.99 each)
My Total: $0.00
Original Total: $3.98
Total Savings: 100%

As far as couponing goes, all I did today was get online to check cellfire.com and shortcuts.com while I waited for my Mom to come over. I spent about 5 minutes looking and figured out that I have 2 $.40 off 6 yoplay yogurt coupons on my Safeway card. I also have a paper coupon for the same. I really like Safeway in that you can stack coupons on your card. If I go buy 6 yogurts (which I will), both coupons will come off my card. Combine that with my paper coupon and I'll get $1.40 off 6. I'm not positive what the original cost is, but it should be close to a 50% savings and my man will have a snack while he's gone.

Today was good. I should have spent $15.92 total and walked away speding $.94! Yay me!
My Total Spending Left For This Week: $6.74

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