Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Coupon Diary: Day 4: 07-14-10

Day 4: 07-14-10
I am so excited today! In the mail I received my rebate check from Staples for some printer paper I had purchased. This check was $10.98. In my stack of mail, on the counter, is a rebate check from Rite Aid for $2.00. I will be adding these to my weeks budget bringing my total left to spend to: $20.72. I don't think I will spend all of this, of course.
Without these rebate checks, I would have probably gone over my budget this week. My hubby left town today for work and will be back Friday. He is camping while he is away so I needed to get him a few things plus go down and shop my storage room. I wanted to make sure he has protein since he will be in the heat of the mountains. This is what was purchased:
-Yoplait yogurts $.65 x6 (used 3 $.40 off 6 ecoupons on my card with 1 $.40 off 6 paper coupon)
-Nature Valley Granola Bites $4.00 (used 2 $1 ecoupons and 1 $1 paper coupon)
-Bearly Naked Granola Cluster cereal aprox. $5 x2 (used 1 B1G1)
My Hubby's Total was around: $8.30 (When he called he had said it was around $5.40 so something must have been on sale and he bought it on his way out of town so I have no recite in hand. I will be going off the total he gave me.
Original Total: around $17.90
Total Savings: 69%

I also purchased milk today at Yokes for $4.50
Total Spending Today was: $9.90
My Total Left for the week is: $10.82

I'm very glad those checks came this week. That extra $ will be helpful. The only other deals I plan on doing is a trip to Fred Meyer tomorrow for the Old El Paso catalina deal with Shannan (and we have coupons). After her transaction and mine we should spend about $8 out of pocket and walk away with 2 $3 catalinas! Those $3 catalinas will then be added to next weeks budget. We'll see how it goes! I'm excited!

The only time I spent today on couponing was getting out the coupons Danny needed for Safeway and checking and to double check what I had loaded. Yesterday, I thought I only had 2 of the yogurt coupons loaded and was surprised to see I had 3! Yay! I also was able to load another Nature Valley coupon so that became 2 instead of the just the 1! Yay again! I spent 15 minutes checking these sites, getting the coupons out of my book, and typing a shopping list for my man. He is now up in the woods and had good food to last him a few days if not more.

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