Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to get cheap diapers (or other household items) at Riteaid....

I am going to start this post off by saying I paid $5.99 for a 96 count box of huggies tonight (originally priced at $19.99)! This wasn't a sale price--not a clearance price--I just know how to shop at Riteaid!! Keep reading and I will teach you my ways ;o)

Riteaid has an awesome way to get at least one $5.00 off of $25.00 coupon each month. Usually you can get 3 per month. All you have to do is watch these "commercials" on their website (I personally watch them on mute while I am doing something else--like folding laundry, playing with a baby, or watching tv); earn enough credits, get coupons. You also get a coupon for every video you watch! here is where to go to sign up:

These coupons are AMAZING! They lower your out of pocket expenses on things that you use every day. The best can use other coupons with this one! Your total of $25.00 is BEFORE coupons. Any time I can lower the price of diapers, I am there!

okay. here is what my shopping trip looked like today--

Transaction 1:
bought 4 Nivea for men bodywash $1.99
1 jumbo pk. pampers diapers $8.99
2 tubs pampers wipes $3.49 and $1.74 (BOGO 50% off this week)
1 herbal essences shampoo $2.50
1 herbal essences hairspray $2.50

original total: $28.93

- $5.00/$25.00 video value coupon (ALWAYS hand this over BEFORE you use any other coupons or the register won't take it.)
- 2 $4.00/2 nivea body wash (made all bodywash free)
- $1.50 pampers diapers
- $3.49 get wipes free when you buy pampers diapers
- B1G1 herbal essences hair care

new total = $6.69

plus I recieved two $2.00 +up rewards and I am submitting for a $2.00 single check rebate (go here for more info on the single check rebate system: )

So after the rebate I am really paying $4.69 for all of this. If I wanted to count the +up rewards as savings in this transaction, my total would have been $.69--but I am going to count them when I actually use them, in my next transaction.

Transaction 2:
bought 1 box huggies $19.99
2 johnsons baby shampoo $3.99 each

original total: $27.97

-$5.00/$25.00 video value coupon (ALWAYS hand this over BEFORE you use any other coupons or the register will not take it.)
-$2.00 huggies video value coupon (for watching the huggies commercial)
-$3.00 huggies man. coup. from
-$2.00/2 baby shampoo man. coup.
-$4.00 +up rewards from previous transaction

new total: $11.97 plus I recieved a $2.00 +up reward to use at a later time.

So, what is the moral of this story? How did I do this? How do I come up with these scenarios?

I need to keep up on diaper deals since that is probably my biggest household expense right now. I know that a big box of huggies will cost me $19.99 at riteaid. This means I need $5.01 worth of "filler" items so I can use my $5.00 coupon. I look in Riteaid's ad each week to see what I can get free after coupons, or close to it. These are my filler items. The body wash this week was just filler. I didn't need it (I think my husband has a two year supply now!), but it was an extra $8.00 on my original total, and FREE on my final total. If there are items I know I will use, I will add those in as filler also. My pampers wipes, baby shampoo, my shampoo and my hairspray were all filler items that I need and will eventually use.

Before I go shopping, I always put together a mock scenario to see what my total would be, and if it is worth it. This week it really was! My first transaction was less than the price of the pampers diapers alone, and it helped me get the awesome price on the huggies diapers.

So watch your video values, and start saving at Riteaid today!

Happy Couponing!


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  1. I also just realized that the box of huggies diapers qualifies for the $5.00 SCR (#10). This means my box of Huggies cost me $0.99! $19.00 savings....woo hoo!