Friday, August 6, 2010

My Coupon Diary Day 27: 08-06-10

Day 27: 08-06-10

Well hello readers! I'm excited to share what I did today. It has been a good day for me (and believe me, I've needed one!). So remember that cereal sale at Safeway? Well, I did it and made it work for me in a wonderful way. Safeway had certain Kelloggs cereal on sale. If you bought 10 then you would receive a $10 catalina with your receipt. Some were for $1.99 and some for $2.99. Of course, to get the best deal, I wanted to buy the $1.99 cereals.

Not that long ago I did a cereal sale at Albertsons for Kelloggs cereal. I had bought some Apple Jack that had $5 worth of coupons in the boxes. They ended up being great coupons too! I got some $1 off fresh produce with the purchase of cereal, $1 off milk of any brand or size with purchase of cereal, $1 off coffee for the same, and more. I was excited. Without these coupons it would have been that good. Still a 50% savings, but I've done better. So, I made it better! Here's what I did:


4 boxes of Corn Flakes $3.49 ea

- buy 10 they become $1.99 ea

-used 2 $1 off two c

2 Frosted Flakes $3.49 ea

- buy 10 they become $1.99

-used $1 off two c

2 Apple Jacks $3.49 ea

buy 10 they become $1.99

-used $1 off two c

2 Raisin Bran $3.49

buy 10 they become $2.99

-used $1 off two c

2 bunches of bananas $.59 lb

-used 2 $1 off produce with purchase of cereal

1 Gallon of Dairy Glenn Milk $2.49

-on sale for $1.99

-used $1 off milk with purchase of cereal

My Total: $17.78

My Original Total: $40.28

My Savings: $22.50 or 55% (And I walked away with a $10 catalina for my next trip!!!! Yay me!!!)

Okay, few, take a breath. That was exciting.

I also went to Riteaid today. They had Exedrin Migrain on sale for $1.99 and I decided to get more diapers just to be safe. Also, I was in need of hairspray (sorry for anyone who has seen my hair recently. I will now have it under control again!). The following is my Riteaid transaction:


82 count box of Huggies Diapers $19.99

-used $2 off Video Value c

-used $3 off Huggies c

Exedrin Migrain $1.99

Herbal Essence Shampoo $4.49

Herbal Essence Hairspray $4.49

-buy 2/$5 sale

-used buy one shampoo get any hair care product free

-used $5 off $25 Video Value c

-used $2 Plus Up Reward c (thank you, Shannan!)

My Total: $13.96

Original Total: $33.96

My Savings: $20.00 or 59% savings (and received a $2 Plus Up Reward!)

So as you can see, I'm pumped about today. How often do you get a gallon of milk for $.99! NEVER!!! And the Bananas, the Exedrin..... I'm in bliss! Plus my Hubby is home early so we are off to dinner and a movie kidless! What a wonderful day!

My Total Left This Week: -$14.34 (or $2.34 if you count my catalina and Plus Up Reward!)

Happy Couponing!

{ -Rachel- }

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