Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Coupon Diary Day 29: 08-08-10

Day 29: 08-08-10
Alright, I missed yesterday big time. My Hubby had all my attention the last few days. He leaves again tomorrow, which is sad for me.

Today I worked on cutting out coupons from the paper inserts. I was excited to see a General Mills insert with some good coupons. I pretty much sat and clipped, then organized by category, and put them in my binder. After that it was on to cruising the ads for anything fun. I have put together a shopping list. This week I am getting the things that I use at stock-up prices. For example: Safeway has Tide Laundry Soap for $5.99 with in ad coupon. I have loaded a $2 ec from the P&G website and have a $2 paper coupon. This will make my laundry soap $1.99. For Tide this is a goooood price. I will also be getting Purex Laundry Soap at Fred Meyer. They have an in ad coupon for $1.99 limit 2. I just happen to have found $.35 off coupons on the manufacturer's website making this laundry soap $1.65. I'm thinking this is a good week for laundry soap.

There are so many ways to go about shopping with coupons. Some like to make a menu, write a list, and find coupons to match. Others get the coupons, match them to sales and feed their family off of what they buy. I do a bit of both. Most of the time I lean towards the menu first, but last week and this week I have been using what I have around the house and using my couponing budget for stock-up prices. Once you get a good stock-pile of your most used items, you can do this too.

My Hubby did go to Safeway for me today and got 10 more boxes of Kelloggs cereal. I had read that the catalina was rolling so I was all for that. He paid $7.40 out of pocket and walked away with another $10 catalina. Basically, he got paid $2.80 for the cereal he bought. I love this stuff!

Total time spent today cutting and sorting would be about 2 hours. It took me this long because I was watching tv, on the computer, texting, and taking care of the 4 cute kids that run around my house. Tomorrow I will post my menu for the week.

Happy Couponing!
{ -Rachel- }

My Total Left to Spend This Week: $17.60 and a $10 catalina!

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