Saturday, March 26, 2011

Swagbucks and Free items from Amazon!

Okay, I have shared this one before but, thought I would show you my latest Amazon freebie.

This is what my order summary looked like when I was done. This is a 156 count box of diapers that I paid absolutely nothing for! If you want to learn how I did this, read this post. It will take you step by step to get super cheap diapers off of Amazon. I love that they are delivered to your door and you don't really have to work or play the drugstore games to get them! :)

So, now on to Swagbucks. I am still somewhat new to Swagbucks so I can't tell you how to rack up major bucks or anything but I am having fun with it and wanted to share.

Search & Win

What is Swagbucks? "It's like a frequent flyer mile for using the web." Basically, you use their search engine and you earn "points". These you can turn in for prizes once you have earned a set amount. I am a fan of earning Amazon $5.00 gift cards (what was used to purchase the diaper order above). Since it is free money, I like to buy things that are fun instead of having to worry about if the item is a need or a want. A few things I have purchased are diapers (FREE diapers rock!!!), fun books to spoil my little one, and an espresso tamper--to spoil me :)

To read more on how Swagbucks works, check out this link.

I enjoy it because I am getting "paid" to do something that I would normally do anyway. And what a fun way to spoil yourself and your family without having to really work for it!


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  1. You can get an easy 5 SB a day by doing the following 1. down load the SB tool bar = 1SB/day 2. Visit the Trusted Surveys page under EARN on the SB menu bar, they give you 1SB just for visiting. 3.Visit the NOSO (No Obligation Special Offer) page, click Start Earning Now, scroll to the bottom of each offer click SKIP or NEXT OFFER. When you get to the end they will give you 2SB. 4. And of course always do your Daily Poll for 1SB. Once you download the tool bar you'll automatically get 1 SB per day, perform the other 3 steps for an EASY 4SB a day. @ 5 SB per day you'll rack up around 150 SB/month with out having to do any searches at all!