Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Walmart run.....

I really went to Walmart for some free baby formula, but they were out of the kind I wanted. So this is what I walked out with instead:

Seattles Best coffee $6.00
(my baby brain bought decaf instead of regular for my husband so he was out of coffee)
Cheese heads string cheese individual $.33
2 Nivea women's body wash $3.00 each
bag of Jelly beans $1.00 (not pictured)

-used $1.00 Seattle's best coupon 4/10 smartsource
-used $.50 Frigo packaged cheese coupon (I can't remember what insert this was in.)
-used 2 $3.00 Nivea body wash coupons from 4/17 Redplum

total: $5.83 plus tax.

less than the bag of coffee would have cost me! woo hoo!! I love Wal-marts new coupon policy. It is awesome to get overage to apply toward other items--even if it is only a few cents! The Wal-mart up north here in Spokane had a ton of the Nivea body wash on the shelf also. Just a heads up if you wanted in on the free body wash.


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