Monday, April 18, 2011

Totally Awesome Trip to Alby's!

(Pictured above: 36 Idahoan Potato Pouches, 8 Nabisco Crackerfuls, 6 Jell-O Temptations, 7 BirdsEye Steamers, 1 Finish Detergent, and 1 Dozen Eggs.)

I love Albertsons and I love their doublers! Match doublers with an great promo and I always walk away happy. Well, tonight I have to say I did a bit of The Happy Dance! Doing the buy 10 save $5 promo, here's what I did:

T1, T2, T3:
9 Idahoan Potato Pouches $.49
1 Jell-O Pudding Temptation $1.99
-used 3 $1/3 Idahoan Potato coupons
-used 1 $1/1 Temptation coupon
Total before Doublers: $2.40
After Doubler TOOP was: $0

9 Idahoan Potato Pouches $.49
1 Nabisco Crackerfuls $1.99
-used 3 $.75/3 Idahoan Potato coupon
-used 1 $1/1 Crackerful coupon
Total before Doublers: $3.15
After Doublers TOOP was: $.40 (not sure how this worked out. I think he took a $1 for one of my $.75 doublers. Should have been $.65)

7 Nabisco Crackerfuls $1.99
3 Jell-O Temptations $1.99
-used 4 $.75/1 Crackerfuls
-used 2 $1/1 Crackerfuls
-used 3 $1/1 Temptations coupons
Total before coupons: $11.90
-used $8 in $1 Cats from last week
After Doublers TOOP was: $.90 (looking at my receipt I realized he missed one of my $1 crackerful coupons, but still a good savings. I ended up getting a lot of Crackerfuls because they were out of Granola Bars.)

T6 (not a buy 10 save $5 transaction)
1 Finish Detergent $3.99
7 BirdsEye Steamers 10/$10
1 Dozen Eggs (valued at $2)
-used 1 $.75/1 Finish coupon
-used buy 1 Finish Detergent get free eggs in ad coupon
-used 2 $1/2 BirdsEye coupons
-used 1 $.75/3 BirdsEye coupons
Total before doublers: $7.49
-used $3 in $1 Cats from last week
After Doublers TOOP was: $2.09 after tax

Total before sale, coupons, & doublers: $107.98
Total OOP: $3.39 (and I earned a $5 reward)
Total Savings of $104.59 or 97% savings!

I want to point out that the Idahoan Potato Pouches are in the 3 boxes. I knew I wanted a lot so I special ordered these boxes to make sure I didn't take away from anyone else. One great thing about Albertsons is they get orders in Mondays, Wednesdays, and either Fridays or Saturdays, so you always have plenty of time to put an order in before a sale is up. Another thing to point out is with my 6 transactions, I went later in the evening knowing they would be slow and I wouldn't get in anyone's way. This keeps my report with the employees in good standings.  A big thanks to my Amazing Husband who saw the $1/1 peelies on the Danamal Yogurts last week and scored yogurts for the kids, but also $1 Cats for me. Another big thanks to Manager Mike, for putting in my order, and Cashier Don, for checking me out in a separate lane. Albertsons at Wandermere Rocks!

Happy Couponing!
{ -Rachel- }


  1. Awesome! I've been doing some Albertsons shopping this week, and although I have done really good, not nearly as good as you did! I need more practice! Are you able to use more than 3 doublers per transaction?

  2. Meegan,
    You can only use 3 per transaction. Because I needed 10 items for the promo, I used the 9 idahoan potatoes because they were the least expensive item and I had $1 coupons for them. Thats how I was able to maximize my savings. I always try having 3 $1 coupons when using my doublers. It makes a savings of $3 become $6. Works for me!
    { -Rachel- }