Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My walmart shopping trip

I love saving money, and couponing is one of the greatest ways to do so! This is how I support my family as a stay at home mom and I will NOT be embarrassed about it--no matter what rude comments other people are making in line behind me! I hope you are all with me and take pride in saving money for your families!

That being said, here is my Wal-mart trip today:

Wal-mart's new coupon policy gives you the overage if the coupon amount exceeds the cost of the item! I love it!!

(5) Similac formula $3.84
-used (5) $5.00 tear-pad coupons
$5.80 in overage

(5) Gerber Smart sips toddler milk $2.00
-used (5) $3.00/1 tear-pad coupons (this is where it literally "pays" to know people! Thanks Stacey!!)
$5.00 in overage

Purex laundry detergent 46 loads $5.77
-used $1.00/1 from free sample
final price: $4.77

Tide laundry detergent 32 loads $7.97 --for my mom....WAY too expensive for me! :)
-used $1.00/1 from home mailer
Final price: $6.97
($.22/load, ouch!)

(2) Wisk laundry detergent 12 loads $.97
*this is an awesome deal! $.08/load

(2) Nalley Dill pickles $2.16
-used (2) $1.25/1 from 5/22 RP
final price: $.91 each!

Nalley hamburger chip pickles $1.86
-used $1.25/1 from 5/22 RP
final price: $.61!!

Darigold sour cream $1.47
-used $.40/1 (can't remember what insert I found this in)
final price: $1.07 
*cheaper than store brand!

Heinz ketchup $1.78
-used $.25/1 from 5/22 SS
final price: $1.53
*not the best price, but I needed it!

mushrooms $2.78
green onions $1.00

(3) Suave deodorant $.97
-used (3) $.75/1 from 5/22 RP
final price: $.22 each!
*these make great donation items! 3 for less than $1.00!

(2) Nexcare bandages $1.00
-used (2) $1.00/1 printable from here
Final price: FREE

Pull-ups wipes $1.64
-used $1.00/1 from home mailer
final price: $.64

Head and shoulders shampoo (trial size) $.97
-used $2.00/1 from home mailer
$1.03 overage

Pert plus shampoo (trial size) $.97
-used $1.00/1 from 5/15 SS
$.03 overage

Secret Clinical deodorant $2.47 (trial size)
-used $3.00/1 from home mailer
$.53 overage

Gain dish soap $.97
-used $1.00/1 from home mailer
$.03 overage

Suave professionals hair product $2.47
-used free product coupon from home mailer

total before coupons: $75.40
total after coupons: $11.89



  1. Great deals! I will never, ever be embarrassed saving money either. I think people should be embarrassed NOT saving money! If you can, why wouldn't you?? Saving money on all these things for my family allows us to do more as a family since I don't have to work outside the home for that extra money.

  2. How do I get the at home mailer?

  3. unfortunantly they are no longer available. We posted about them a while back. we will let you know about any that become available in the future though!


  4. Hey - where'd you find the $5.00/1 tear pad Similac coupons????? Nice shop! Joelle

  5. Joelle-
    my neighbor gave them to me. She found them at her doctor's office and knows that is the formula I use to feed my little one (I LOVE the Similac spit-up for night-time feedings!). I have a couple more if you are interested!

  6. Thanks Shannon - but you keep them and use them! My youngest is 3 so we are done with formula. I was just curious where you found those high value coupons in a tearpad! You can get some good coupons at the doctors though. I scored a few $1.00/1 Activia the other day when I had to take my son in for a bad ear infection. At least one good thing came out of that! :-) Joelle