Saturday, June 4, 2011

A SAVVY READER SHARES! Check out what Bianca did last week!

We love hearing from all of you, and love even more, sharing your shopping trips!
Keep them coming!

Here's what Bianca sent us:

Total before tax: $19.24
Total savings: $71.19 
I had two $3 Huggies coupons, a $1.50 Huggies coupon, and a $2 pullups coupon, plus the $1 VV Huggies coupon, a $3 WYS 15 and a $1 VV coupon, making my Huggies transaction 17.38 before tax, or 1.85 each after the $10 plus up. :) Used the $10 on everything else there, and got two Hydro5 razors, four containers of shave cream, 3 pop tarts (forgot my $1 coupon, booOoo!) and 4 candy bars for $1.86 before tax. The eos shave cream was .99 with rain check. I think I did pretty well! :) Lately my trips have been so-so. Nice to feel like I did well!

Total: $38.46 (32.24 before tax) 
$74.60 in total savings!! 
I was super excited, my second transaction gave me $1 (I think from Listerine?) and a 2.50 coupon off Duracell batteries. The batteries were on sale for 2.50 off regular price, plus I used my 3.50 in coupons and got an 8 pk of AAA's and a piece of Laffy Taffy for 3.65 including tax!

Bianca- Your Rite Aid savings was 79% and your Walgreens savings was 70%!
Nicely done and thanks for sharing!!!
{ -Rachel- }

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  1. Thanks for posting, Rachel!
    Ok it's been a while since I've done math, and it was never my strong suit. But to calculate percentage saved, wouldn't you add the Walgreens 32.24 spent plus the 74.6 saved to get a TOTAL before savings of 106.84? If you divide the 32.24 that I spent by the 106.84 that I WOULD have spent it would be 30% of the total, or 70% savings.
    For Rite Aid, 19.24+71.19=90.43 before savings. $19.24/90.43=.21 or 79% savings. I think. LOL! See above disclaimer!