Thursday, August 4, 2011

Walgreens run....awesome Swiffer Wet Jet deal!!

So my old Swiffer wet jet (really old Swiffer wet jet) decided to quit working. I have been holding out since it is pretty pricey to replace (not to mention all that goes with it) but I finally found a deal I consider good enough to get myself a new one! woo hoo!!

Transaction 1:
8 ct. Crayola fine line markers $2.00
- $2.00 RR from a previous trip
paid $.17 in tax
received $2.00 RR

Transaction 2:
Swiffer $18.99
Swiffer Pad refills $5.24
Swiffer cleaner $4.49
febreez air effects spray $2.61
2 packs wexford erasers for filler items $.59

- $4.49 FREE Swiffer cleaner promo wyb a swiffer wet jet
- $5.00 Swiffer wet jet from 7/31 P&G
- FREE swiffer refill wyb a wet jet from Home Made Simple book
- $1.00/1 Febreez air effects from Home Made Simple book
(should have also used in-ad coupon for the erasers but I got to talking to my cashier and completely forgot. oh well!!)
- (3) $2.00 RR from previous transactions

total: $10.78 + $2.44 tax = $13.22
received $3.00 RR for purchasing $10.00 in qualifying items (swiffer cleaner, pad refills, and febreez spray)

I hate buying the pad refills for this! They are crazy expensive--unless you get them free ;)
I usually just put a cleaning rag on the bottom and mop away! It almost seems to work better too.

What awesome, money saving, cleaning tips do you have?

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