Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to Stock-up on Diapers (RiteAid trip)

With 2 in diapers, I go through a lot of them! My stock-up price for a jumbo pack of diapers is anything less than $4.00. This week at RiteAid I was able to get them for $3.43/pack!

This week at RiteAid, spend $30 on Kimberly Clark items, receive $10 +up; spend $50 receive another $10 and spend $70 receive another $20 for a total of $40 in +ups. I split this into 3 seperate transactions so I could roll my +ups.

Transaction 1:
4 jumbo packs Huggies $9.99 each
-$2.00 from home mailer
-(3) $1.50 from 9/11 SS
paid $33.46, received $10 +up
**this would have been less but I left my $4.00 +up at home and I didn't have any ink to print off a $1.00 RiteAid coupon :(

Transaction 2:
3 jumbo packs
-(2) $2.00 from previous packs
-$1.50 from 9/11 SS
-$10 +up from first transaction
paid $14.47, received $10 +up

Transaction 3:
1 jumbo pack
1 Tom's deodorant $3.99 **needed so I could use my $10.00 +up**
-$1.50 from 9/11 SS
-$1.00 Tom's from 9/11 SS
- $10 +up from 2nd transaction
paid $1.48, received $1.00 +up from Tom's and a $20.00 +up!

What is your stock-up price for diapers?


  1. After coupons and power ups you actually spent about $1 per pack! So awesome job... unless I did my math wrong, which I don't think I did! I wish I had huggies coupons, our SS didn't come with them, but I really need these!

  2. Did you get a different SS than we did in Spokane, I didn't get any Huggies coupons in the SS either. And when you said on the 2nd trans. -2 $2.00 from the previous transaction where did that come from?

  3. Tiffany- the $2.00 coupons were from previous packages of huggies diapers.

    Shawnda and Tiffany-
    Spokane never gets huggies coupons :(
    but I trade coupons online. This way I don't have to buy coupons but can get the ones that we don't get here! I should have some extra ones coming in the mail today or tomorrow so keep checking back because I am going to do a quick giveaway!