Thursday, October 20, 2011

I lost my couponing mojo. Ill admit it.

I started out strong! Free deodorant and toothpaste! Stockpiles of pasta and cereal! On. A. ROLL!! Then, one week, I skipped my Sunday morning Rite Aid run. Then I let a doublers weekend at Albertsons came and went, and I didn't go. Pretty soon, I was even (GASP!!) leaving my binder at home when I went to Walmart!!

What happened?

I got lazy, thetas what. We were living off of the stock pile, but now, the stock pile is starting to get low! Time to snap back into it!!

Best motivation I've found? The advice from Shannan on reorganizing my coupon binder using the no clip method!! (This article is a MUST read!)

Now, time to start stocking up again...I started with pasta. What item did you start your stockpile with?

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