Thursday, December 8, 2011

Target Shopping Trip!

We love it when our readers share with us!
This shopping trip was done at Target by Melanie. Check it out!

Hey! I got a great deal at Target today and thought i'd share:

The best part was I found a $5 off 2 Delimex products Target coupon (past Sunday's paper) and stacked them with 2- $2off 1 Delimex manufacturer coupons. I got Each Delimex for $.89!!
Also, Starbucks coffee was $7.99, buy 3 get $5 Target Gift card. I bought 4 and used 2- $3 off 2 Starbucks products. Starbucks has a $5 mail in rebate too!

I have a 5% off total purchases for one day from my Rx Savings card, plus I get 5% off every purchase when I use my Red card.

Before discounts & coupons: 65.18
after coupons, Discount for bringing reusable shopping bags & RxRewards: $33.34

Paid out of Pocket: $23.34 & used $10 Gift Card (from new Rx)

Plus received $5 Target gift card for Starbucks purchase, $5
Mail in Rebate from Starbucks, plus $10 gift card for $50 purchase!

Total expense after gift cards & rebate: $3.34!!

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