Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Coupon Diary: Day 11: 07-21-10

Day 11: 07-21-10
I had a slow day today. We got up and hung around the house. After lunch we met a friend of mine at the park to play in the splash pad. When we were done we came home to nap the little man of our group (who needed it desperately). For the rest of the night we ate dinner, watered the lawn, read a book, and went to bed.

After the kids were in bed, I did look through the Tuesday Pinch Paper. There are a few things to be excited about. Safeway will have Dixie paper plates on sale this weekend. The bummer is its limit 1, which means I will have a few transactions. Albertsons had a bunch of manufactured coupons in their ad that I will definitely be cutting out and hanging on to. Other than that, I didn't do much couponing today. I signed up for a few free samples on Facebook and skimmed through my usual blogs. All together I put about 20 minutes into my couponing activity.
My Total Left to Spend This Week: $1.29

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