Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Coupon Diary: Day 13: 07-23-10

Day 13: 07-23-10
What a fun day for me! My Hubby came home from another week of working out of town. I spent the day cleaning so I could enjoy my time with him when he got here (knowing he leaves again Monday). Come to find out, this next week he will be up in Priest Lake and the kids and I are going with him. I'm excited of course. Two weeks without my man is tough and very tiring.

So, I wont be here this next week and weekend because our trip will lead us strait into our church's family camp. I will leave this Monday and come back Sunday. It will feel weird to me to miss some of the sales, but well worth it. Shannan will be blogging her daily activities for you until I get back.

I do get excited to pack for our camping trips. The last one we went on, I did most of my shopping in my store room. Everything I packed were things I had gotten a good deal on at one time or another. I think the main things we had to buy before leaving was milk and hamburger buns. This time I have hamburger buns, so I need to figure out what else I need.

For this trip, I will stick to my menu for the month as much as possible. The main changes will be making big breakfasts while we're gone. I will be using my $25 for next week to buy my items with, plus I have the overage of $1.29 from this week and $1.87 from the last. I probably will dip into my overage money just because we are packing for 7 days (with potlucks at the church family camp).

Alright, thats it for now. I will be posting my menu for this next week in my next diary entry. Then I will break down what I have and what I will need to purchase.

My Total Left to Spend This Week: $1.29

Happy Couponing!
{ -Rachel- }

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