Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Coupon Diary: Day 14: 07-24-10

Day 14: 07-24-10

Today I want to talk about my menus. We are getting ready to go camping while Danny works this next week so I am making my lists and will be triple checking them. Here's where I'm at food wise:

I know it's hard to read, but try to zoom in if you can. Starting from the left: My menu for the time we are gone starting with Monday at lunch and ending with next Sunday's breakfast. Next is my list of everything needed for those meals. This list gets very detailed down to not just loaves of bread but how many. I figure out based on my menu that I'll need about 6 loaves to cover french toast, toast, and sandwiches. I even write down how many containers of mayo or peanut butter. Keep in mind that my menu is always based off things I already have so there is less for me to shop for.

The third list is for the things I need to purchase based off of my menu. If you notice, that list is less than half the size of the second list. That shows you that I have in my possession over half of the things I need for my menu. It is important to take a look in your cupboards when creating a menu. This way you don't buy more things than you need. How many times have you bought something, gone to put it away, and there's already one there? It happens I know, so always look through your cupboards. The only time I'll buy things I already have is if I can get it on a stock-up price.

Alright, the fourth list. That is my shopping list according to store. My hubby will be shopping for me while I pack. He loves these lists because he knows what he's getting and what coupons go where. Today, all my coupons are at Safeway. Fred Meyer is just for bread ($.50) and olives (Fred Meyer brand is about $.88/can). Winco is for produce (not the best sometimes, but they are cheaper and I'll use everything this week). The last stop is Walgreens because they have Reynolds Wrap for $.99 and I need it for our meat packets on Friday night (yummy!).

I do know I will go over budget this week. I'm breaking down and buying chicken, plus we need extra stuff for the trailer (Reynolds Wrap and garbage bags). I do hope it isn't by much, but my hubby isn't the best at sticking perfectly to lists plus some of my items I don't know the original price for. We'll see how it goes!
My Total Left to Spend This Week: $1.29
-Keep in mind for this trip I will use my next weeks $ since thats what I'm shopping for ($25) and I have $1.87 left from the previous week.

Happy Couponing!
{ -Rachel- }

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    Happy Couponing!
    { -Rachel- }