Friday, July 16, 2010

My Coupon Diary: Day 6: 07-16-10

Day 6: 07-16-10
What a good day. The kids and I went to a friends house to play and have lunch, then we were off to my parent's house. Our kids are staying the night and my hubby and I went out to dinner with my brother, Jeremy, and Shannan.

The only thing I did that related to couponing was getting on Facebook and scanning through new coupon posts just to see if anyone had posted something I hadn't seen yet (nothing new). I maybe spent 5 minutes. I do have to say, after talking with my Mom and Sister, I am very excited how friends and family are joining in our couponing adventure. People are calling with questions and sharing their great (and not so great) experiences. We all continue to learn and it is very rewarding to see people making a difference in their personal lives just by cutting coupons and applying them to what they need.

Now, I am off to bed with the hopes of going through the ad previews tomorrow and figuring out what I'll need this next week (need to get the menu back out). I do know I will be scoring some free toothpaste a Walgreens..... hmmm.... I wonder what else I can get for free? Goodnight.
My Total Left to Spend This Week: $1.87

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