Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Coupon Diary: Day 7: 07-17-10

Day 7: 07-17-10
A day of work and fun in the sun! I have nothing to complain about. I did go through ads tonight for Walgreens and Fred Meyer. I will hit Fred Meyer this week for bread ($.40 for your first 4) and possibly cheese items (you know, the KRAFT catalina... see posts for details), then Albertsons for eggs ($.88 with in ad coupon) and some produce. I am hoping to get signed up for Albertsons emails and possibly qualify for a $2 produce coupon (that would be great).

This is what I am hoping to purchase this week based off of my menu:
hamburger buns

Household wise I will be looking for:
paper plates

I know none of these are items that come with coupons so my plan will go like this: Get bread at Fred Meyer for $.40 x4 = $1.60, cheese w/coupons (get KRAFT catalina back for $5),use my $5 catalina towards chicken, Albertsons for eggs ($.88 x2 = $1.76), and use $2 produce coupon at Albertsons if I can get it. For hamburger buns, I will probably grab some store brand at one of these stores.

Produce wise, I will probably spend some out of pocket, but the catalinas come in handy for the things that don't always have coupons. While I'm at Freddy's I might price Tampax pearls. I have a $2 off ecoupon and a $2 coupon, so I might go ahead and get a box. Also this week, I may pop by Walgreens for the free toothpaste and price the Crest Whitestrips they have $10 with in ad coupon (which, I also have a $10 coupon). Depending on OOP I just might get some.

I do have a lot planned as far as family time, but I am in no rush this week for shopping. The Smart Source is the only coupon insert we will be getting in the paper and I'm just not that impressed with the sales this week. Who knows, someone may discover a really great deal and post it!
My Total Left to Spend This Week: $1.87

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