Thursday, February 10, 2011

How I took advantage of the Albertsons ConAgra promo

My little one is having her first birthday party this weekend and I needed a few more things to decorate her cupcakes. I decided to go to Albertsons because then I could use my $10.00 ConAgra catalina to purchase what I needed. I was pretty surprised to find that they had what I was looking for!

Transaction 1:

1 Wesson vegetable oil
1 Pam cooking spray
4 Peter Pan peanut butter
2 cans Hunt's tomatoes

shelf price: $25.82
sale price: $14.75
total OOP: $14.75
received $10.00 catalina

Transaction 2:

1 Wesson vegetable oil
6 Peter Pan peanut butter

Shelf price: $26.03
Sale price: $13.63
-used $10.00 cat from T1
total OOP: $3.63
received another $10.00 cat.

Transaction 3:

total: $16.25 (this is my splurge for her party!)
-used $10.00 catalina
my OOP: $6.25
plus I earned a $5.00 Albertsons reward coupon good for my next purchase!

total spent: $24.63
total saved: $43.67 or 64%
plus I have $5.00 to spend

this is pretty good savings considering half of my out of pocket expenses were birthday party items!! I probably could have done a lot better on this promo, but I only wanted to buy items I knew I needed and would use so I am pretty happy with my shopping trip today!


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