Sunday, February 5, 2012

In my Kitchen: Stockpile Dinner Menu 2/6 - 2/11.....and a printable monthly menu!

I love that Rachel put together this monthly dinner menu and has shared it with everyone! If you want to print your own, click here.  Now I am trying to convince her to do a weekly menu for me ;)

Here is my dinner menu for the week:

Greek chicken pasta salad
     *this is going to be an easy meal since the pasta salad is leftover from tonight :)

Lentil shephard's pie
    From my stockpile: lentils, potatoes, vegetable soup

Chicken sandwich and salad
    From my stockpile: chicken, bread

Rachel's house
    I love it when Rachel cooks my family dinner!

Ham and Eggs
    From my stockpile: eggs, ham, veggies

stew, potato soup, and chili in bread bowls
*it is my 2 year old's birthday dinner and between both sides of the family we will have 23 people so we are serving 3 types of soup :)

meatballs and rice with veggies
    From my stockpile: ground beef, rice, bbq sauce
    On my grocery list: fresh veggies

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