Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Coupon Diary: Day 10: 07-20-10

Day 10: 07-20-10

What a day! I am excited to share my shopping trip! I was leaning towards shopping at Albertsons this week, but Shannan wanted to go to Fred Meyer to check a can opener. Good thing too. This morning on Facebook were some posts about the KRAFT catalina deal. It had been posted that Fred Meyer had KRAFT shredded cheese on sale 2/$3 plus $1/2 peelies. Considering you only needed 5 items to qualify for the $5 catalina, we wanted to take a look. Sure enough it was all there! We didn't get the peelies, but there was a blinkie there instead for the same amount. Score!

My purchases at Fred Meyer went as follows:


5 bags of KRAFT shredded cheese (2/$3 or $7.50)

- used 2 $1/2 blinkies

My Total: $5.50

Original Total: $7.50

Total Savings: 26% w/ $5 catalina in hand!


5 bags of KRAFT shredded cheese (2/$3 or $7.50)

- used 2 $1/2 blinkies

My Total: $5.50

Original Total: $7.50

Total Savings: 26% w/ $5 catalina in hand!


Quaker Rice Cakes x5 $1.48

-used 1 5/$5 instore c

-used 1 $.75 c

Bag of Onions $3.49

Red Potatoes $2.86

Carrots $2.29

Fred Meyer canned Pineapple $.99

Wrigley Gum $1.19 (I'll explain)

-used 2 $5 catalinas

My Total: $7.15 (should have been $5.95 errr!)

Origonal Total: $20.30

Total Savings: 63%

Ok, for the errr! part. Most of the time shopping with our kids isn't an issue, but you can't expect that everytime; like today. Shannan has Emma (5mth) and I have my 4. Emma needed a nap and so did Judah. One of them started crying (not sure which one first) and then they were both crying. So in the craziness, I tried fighting for my tampax. I had bought tampax pearls at $4.19 with a ec for $2 and a $2 paper c. Needless to say, they weren't allowing my $2 ec to come off because of my other coupon. This has never been an issue in the past and honestly, I've done enough shopping there to say the manager was wrong. So I had them take that off. Then with the kids crying, for some reason, mentally I was thinking I was $1 short on my 3rd transaction to use the $5 catalinas and I threw a pack of gum in there (dumb me). But, when it was all said, cried, and done I did walk away with extra food.

My total savings on this trip was 46% (again when there's produce involved this was great!).

Okay, so here's where it gets really fun! I also went to Albertsons today. I actually made two trips and I'll tell you why. On my first trip I was getting eggs that they had on sale for $.88 a dozen limit 4. I purchased 3 dozen:


3 dozen eggs

-used $.88 coupon

My Total: $2.64

Original Cost: $5.37

Total Savings: $2.73 or 51%

So, when I was purchasing the eggs I had them scan a 500pt coupon I received for signing up for the e-newsletter. At Albertsons, when you reach 1,000 points on your card you receive a $5 coupon. I knew I was close to 1,000 and so with my receipt was a $5 coupon! Yay! I knew instantly I would be heading back later today. Albertsons has a sale that ends today for Nature Valley Nut Clusters. It was buy 4 save $4. Not only was this a good buy, but I also had $1 coupons to add to the deal. In the end I would pay just $.75 for each. That, I could handle (considering they're $3.39 regularly). I also wanted to use my $2 off produce coupon so my transaction went like this:


NV Granola Clusters x4

-used 4 $1/1 coupons

-buy 4 save $4 sale

1 Gallon of milk $2.49

Bananas $2.43

-used $2 produce c

-used $5 coupon (from rewards points)

My Total: $.92

Original Cost: $18.48

My Savings: $17.56 or 95%

How exciting was this! I was very happy I could work this deal out. It is a huge savings on top of what I did earlier at Fred Meyer. So here's where I'm at this week:

Today's Spending Equaled: $23.71

My Total Left This Week: $1.29

(Please note I will be buying another gallon of milk this week. I will be going over my $25 goal, but well worth the few extra dollars. Also, I have decided to skip chicken and use up the cow meat I have in my freezer until I find a better sale for chicken.)

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